Let's Make It Move

Working on mechanical parts of the rover or incorporating composites are all part of the Motion team's day to day.  

776f1762-4220-495e-a010-93d90cc023dc - Lucas Jonasch.jpg


Lucas Jonasch, Motions Director, is a third year Environmental Engineering major and he’s also minoring in business. He wants to apply engineering principles to mitigate society’s pressing issues relating to healthcare or the environment. Lately, he’s been spending his spare time trying to teach himself a bit more software and electronics, and designed and built an autonomous vegetable garden outside his apartment that is controlled by a raspberry pi and is solar powered.

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Peerasait (Jeffrey) Prachaseree

Jeffrey, the Drivetrain Lead, is a third-year mechanical engineer. Born and raised in Thailand, he is fluent in Thai, English and Mandarin. One day, he hopes to work in the field of robotics and incorporate robotics into our daily lives. In his off time, he enjoys sleeping and eating spicy food.  

IMG_3367 - Joseph Murad.JPG

Joseph Murad

Joseph Murad is a second year Mechanical Engineering major. He aspires to apply his growing engineering skills in the Space or Defense fields and ultimately leave a legacy with both new ways of thinking and innovations.

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Marco U. Colón

Marco is our Arm & Hand Co-Lead, who's also a 4th year mechanical engineering student. Robotics being his ultimate passion, he plans to continue studying that field during grad school. When he’s not building robots, he loves to try new, exotic foods and beer. To date the most exotic stuff he’s had is rattlesnake meat and coffee beer.

17155548_1298316933592230_1794138672035020056_n - Albert Hernandez.jpg

Albert Hernandez

Albert Hernandez, our Science-cache lead, is a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering major with a minor in Mathematics. He aspires to make a career in robotics and invent cool stuff with what he learns. One day he hopes to make his own music and learn the art of classical guitar.

IMG_1629 - Jordan Luk.JPG

Jordan Luk

I am a first-year mechanical engineering major with a minor in business. I want to work with artificial intelligence and controls to create robots that will help with a broad range of society's problems. I like to spend my free time playing basketball, going to the gym, and learning about investing.

71570013 - Isabella Franco.jpg

Isabella Franco

Isabella is the Chassis lead, and a fourth year studying mechanical engineering. She grew up in Santa Barbara and enjoys going to the beach and hiking. In addition, she likes hands on projects, both simple and complicated, from building furniture to building robots.


DSC_0488 - Cris Madla.jpg

Cris Madla

Cris Madla is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering at UCSD. He has always been fascinated by space and advanced technologies growing up, and hopes to one day work in either automotive or aerospace industries. Currently, he is helping Yonder Dynamics by working with composite materials for our rover. If he is not engineering, he is probably doing some art, dance, content creation and other creative endeavors.









Owning A Slice of the Universe

All forms of analysis on pieces of the earth.

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Miheer Modi

Miheer has been with Yonder for the past year and has really enjoyed learning and developing as an individual. In his free time, he likes to binge watch medical dramas, cook, or his new found hobby - making modifications so his car (let's see how long that lasts). He also loves reading about cars, computers and looking at memes ;)

39200811_10214170696893402_2462648086187474944_n - Miheer Modi.jpg

Luke piszkin

Luke Piszkin, director of science, is a 2nd-Year Astrophysics major with a strong interest in astrobiology. He is pursuing a career in astrobiological research and hopes to bring fresh ideas to this new field of study. Luke is torn between two maininterests, science and music, but also is interested in psychology, sociology, theology, literature, and politics. In his off time Luke can be seen writing/playing music and begging professors for internships.


Kevin Hoi Man Lam

Exploring on the Software team last year, Kevin Lam is returning to his home turf of Mechanical Engineering on the Mechanics team. Having come from Hong Kong, Kevin is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. He is currently learning Japanese to understand anime without subtitles. Kevin builds Gundam models in his spare time, and is trying to figure out how to make one walk.

Danylo - Danylo Drohobytsky.jpg

Danylo Drohobytsky

Danylo Drohobytsky is a physics major with an interest in robotics. As a member of science and science-mechanical, he hopes to gain both the conceptual and theoretical implementation of the rover's systems. In his spare time, Danylo takes things apart, begs for his 3D printer to work, and plays with his pens.


Power Systems

Power Systems and Electrical Components

Power Systems

Power Systems and Electrical Components


Bring on the Power

Tasked with many of the electrical components Yonder needs, these members are avid engineers.

36BA9566-B5C0-420C-AF58-B669976B71AA - Andrea Pabst.jpeg

Andy Pabst

Co-director of the Electrical team, When Andy isn’t building rovers and geeking out over anything space related, she’s off being an adrenaline junkie. Defying the laws of fear, common sense and lacking all regard for her personal safety, Andy enjoys climbing mountains and giving herself mild altitude sickness, sliding down said mountains with her feet strapped to a board, and throwing herself out of perfectly good airplanes. One day, she hopes to break gravity so she won’t break herself when she falls down.

Yidong (Eden) Li

Yidong Li (Eden) is a third year student studying Computer Engineering. A member of the electrical team, he is interested in the functionalities of different electrical components and how they interact in a real system. In the future, he also want to learn more about machine learning and embedded system. In his free time, he likes to travel, bike, and explore San Diego by public transit (trains, buses, and the trolley!).


Software and Sensors

Software and Sensors

Software and Sensors

Software and Sensors


Breathing Life into Metal

The brain of the rover and some serious brains of the team.

IMG_2068 - Alexander Haggart.JPG

Alex haggart

Alex Smith Alex is a Software co-director and Computer Engineering major. Also getting a bio minor for some reason. Hobbies include skiing, sailing, and reading wiki pages. Loves road trips, camping, food, and movies. Always obsessed with something. Sleeps occasionally.

DSC_0270 - Aaron Lee.jpg

aaron Lee

Aaron is currently a sophomore at UCSD studying Computer Science. He aims for the BS/MS program at UCSD and to learn as much from Computer Science as possible. In his free time, he can be found watching anime or gaming. He is also an Eagle Scout and a mentor for his high school robotics team

IMG_20180804_091137 - Alexander Mai.jpg

Alexander Mai

Software co-director, Vim config extraordinaire, expert blogger.

IMG_5725 - Karen Chiem.jpg

Karen Chiem

Fourth year Cognitive Science major Karen is a member of software team working on interfacing and front-end for the rover. In her off time, you'll probably catch her fencing, doing her best impression of Socrates in "The Clouds", or attempting to translate birdsong with black magic code.

IMG_3032 - Davin Tjong.JPG

Davin Tjong

Davin is a first year CS major. When he can he enjoys playing Euphonium in band. Hobbies include origami, caring for succulents, and game development. He plays a lot of Nintendo games, probably more than he does homework. He once ate an entire slice of chocolate cake in a single bite.

pic - Jacob Hyunjun Kim.png

Jacob Hyunjun Kim

Jacob is a second year Computer Science major from South Korea. Always enjoying the beautiful weather of San Diego to the fullest. Always sleep deprived.

Jason Chung

Jason is a sophomore studying Computer Science at UCSD. He is very passionate about things he love, including traveling to different parts of the world, playing video games, watching movies, trying out new food, and so on. If he's on YouTube, he's either watching game highlights, latest music videos, or battle bot matches.

Screenshot_20180907-222441 - Ryan Mcclure.png

Ryan McClure

Third year, computer science major, concerning addiction to golf


Business and PR


Business and PR



Come Together 

Everything to do with logistics, finance, and culture, the business team thrives off teamwork.

FC2C2FC3-CC62-4DD6-9458-3980B9CAC967 - Amy Xie.JPG

Amy Xie

Amy Xie, director of PR, is a third year International Business major. As a part of Yonder, she directs the social media/PR and outreach aspects. Amy is only truly fluent in English, but she can also speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and Korean (she's making an attempt to throw Japanese into the mix as well).

IMG_7487 - Dave Lightfoot.jpg

Dave Lightfoot

Dave Lightfoot is our Director of Project Management & Finance. He is a fourth year Human Biology major with a Mechanical Engineering minor. Outside of Yonder, he has co-founded two start-ups, was an orientation leader for Sixth College the past two years, the Vice President of Finance of Engineers for a Sustainable World last year, and has been on the Triton Solar Car team since 2016. He loves to travel and has lived in South Dakota, Texas, California, Korea, Germany, and Alaska. In his spare time, he likes to play guitar, go to concerts, and camp in the woods/desert

IMG_0324 - Madeline Leon.JPG

Madeline Leon

Maddy is a third year Communication major with a leaning interest in the sciences and passion for people. She loves reading, writing and learning about the different people she interacts with in this big beautiful world


Andrea Sudharta

Andrea is a second year Math-CS major and the webmaster of the Yonder Dynamics website. She also has an army of over ten tortoises back home in San Jose. Outside of Yonder she enjoys playing the piano and going to events around campus.