Let's Make It Move

Working on mechanical parts of the rover or incorporating composites are all part of the Motion team's day to day.  


Kyle Gillespie

Kyle T. Gillespie, Motions Lead (at least until some bloody coup deposes him from power) aspires to be an inventor developing cool things that do  cool things. He also aspires to get 8 hours of sleep regularly (and to not have anymore homework dreams where he falls asleep after doing homework all night and then spending two hours of sleep doing more homework in his dreams). He adores the majestic and noble llama, is a Slytherin, and CAD's for fun. Kyle also runs regularly and one day hopes to be able to run fast enough to keep ahead of his schoolwork.

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Marco U. Colón

Marco is our Robotic Arm Co-Lead, who's also a 4th year mechanical engineering student. Robotics being his ultimate passion, he plans to continue studying that field during grad school. When he’s not building robots, he loves to try new, exotic foods and beer. To date the most exotic stuff he’s had is rattlesnake meat and coffee beer.


Euan Tan

Fourth year mechanical engineering major Euan is our 3D printing wizard, the director of our Yonder 3D initiative. On his off time, Euan shreds trails on his mountain bike (which he has built 7 of) and flies his quadcopter everywhere.


edited stuart.jpg


Stuart is our Chassis Lead and a second year studying nanoengineering with a focus in bioengineering. Eventually, Stuart wants to pursue a career in soft robotics and biomimicry. He is currently a barista at Audrey's Cafe and spends what free time he has taking pictures or weightlifting. He's originally from Vancouver, WA, has 3 tattoos (and counting), and loves the smell of cherry blossoms.


Michael Cornejo

Michael Cornejo, our Chief Composites Engineer, is a 4th year Computational Physics major with a minor in Engineering Mechanics. Aside from his love of textbooks and research articles, Michael enjoys getting his hands dirty in the machine shop. He is a strong believer that theory only goes so far and students must consistently actualize their ideas through real life application. When he’s not busy studying wave functions, he’s out riding them at Black’s Beach.



Loveneet is a fourth year structural engineering major. He enjoys staying up to date on current events in the space program, and he loves watching movies and playing hockey. He was born in Canada and moved to the U.S. when he was 14. His goal is to work with Aerospace Structures after graduating from UCSD.



Lucas Jonasch is a sophomore studying environmental engineering. He is the Drive System Lead in Motions and has also helped with Research and Development projects in Yonder. Lucas's favorite color is blue and he grew up in Texas!



John Tayag

John will one day help develop efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to meet the world’s growing demand for energy. He hopes to engineer unique solutions to problems that plague low-income areas to ensure high standards of life at low costs. Alongside this John has studied combustion engines and hybrid vehicles in Sweden and is a self-proclaimed burrito wrapping master.


Tzu-Tying Hung (Alex) is a third year mechanical engineering major at UCSD. Having dual citizenship (Taiwan and USA), Alex was raised in Taiwan and moved to the USA in high school. He is fluent in English, Taiwanese, Chinese (Mandarin), and a little bit of French. As a member a Motions team, he works on the hand and wrist design and also contributes to the entire rover manufacturing. He is currently learning coding and tries to explore more about the computer science world.



Reem is a rising junior and currently pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. She has a wanderlust and an uncanny love for Thai food/curry.


Mayuki Adam Sasagawa is a third year environmental engineer, swimmer, and cat lover. He is part of both the URC Motions team and the Edge team at Yonder Dynamics. He is hoping to save the environment with a great technological breakthrough someday.


Aliya Kassam

Bridging the Mechanical and Science subteams, Aliya is the Mechanical Lead for Science Payload. At Yonder, she assists in the development of multiple systems. Aliya aspires to be a mechanical engineer working in research and development or prototyping. She's lived on four continents and is fluent in French as it was her first language. Check out more of her work here.









Owning A Slice of the Universe

All forms of analysis on pieces of the earth.


Allison Kubo

Allison Kubo is a 4th year Earth Science major who really loves rocks. Her passion for the earth has led her to work at the American Museum of Natural History (10 feet away from the dinosaur exhibit), and the Scripps Isotope Geochemistry Lab. Now at Yonder Dynamics Allison works as the Instruments lead. In addition to Earth Science, she is working on a literature minor, enjoys reading Science fiction and fantasy, and really feels like she is living a real life Science fiction novel. 


Andy Pabst

An Electrical Engineering Major, Andy hopes to explore the possibilities of machine learning. A low key adrenaline junkie (skydiving, snowboarding and being a badass at all times), Andy REALLY wants to work for NASA, because in her own words, "Space is really freaking cool." 


Cindy Ayala

Cindy Ayala is currently one of the engineers devoting her time to the perfect drill system for an autonomous rover. She has two dogs - a pitbull and a chow chow - which she spends most of her time with when not at hard at work. Alongside this Cindy is an avid researcher in the migration of white blood cells, where she aims to improve medical technology and understanding in the field.



Cara is a 2nd year Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience major and Human Development minor. She wants to use her major to study the effects of space travel on the brain and psyche. Ultimately, she'd love to research this in space to realize fourth grade Cara's dreams.


Jimena Garcia-Prieto

Thirteen year old Jimena Garcia-Prieto, our instruments team intern, is one of the greatest visionaries on the Yonder team. Starting at a young age in the field of engineering, Jimena hopes to one day work for NASA exploring how humans and technology evolves over time. In her own words, "If I were to meet Bill Gates, I would tell him I worked here." After classes Jimena enjoys listening to the soundtrack from Hamilton, reading fiction novels, and pondering ways to impress us even further. 


Power Systems

Power Systems and Electrical Components

Power Systems

Power Systems and Electrical Components


Bring on the Power

Tasked with many of the electrical components Yonder needs, these members are avid engineers.


Chris liu

Team advisor Chris Liu aspires to be an engineer that positively impacts the livelihoods of others through contributions in autonomous robotics and low cost medical devices. But when he isn't focused on helping humanity, he plans to establish his own brewery that exclusively serves stouts, ciders, and sours.


Ryan Lin

A member of the electrical team, Ryan handles the long distance communication between the ground and the rover. He aspires to work on the monumental projects that will shape our world, believing that in completing an impossible goal others will be inspired to strive after their own impossible goals. If you happen to roll a 20 on a charisma check with Ryan, he may tell you about his love of dungeons and dragons.


Software and Sensors

Software and Sensors

Software and Sensors

Software and Sensors


Breathing Life into Metal

The brain of the rover and some serious brains of the team.


Alex Smith

Head of the software team, Alex Smith Specializes in machine learning and computer vision. As an avid science fiction enthusiast, co-founder of Yonder, and martial arts instructor, Alex’s greatest assets are his imagination, heart, and ability to inspire (plus his double backflip).


Kelvin Sarabia

Software and Sensors team member Kelvin is currently a Computer Science major at UCSD. Kelvin loves to utilize his software engineering expertise for positive causes to impact the globe and has worked under two humanitarian engineering projects so far. The first  under Shiley Eye Institute, where he helped develop a screening device for low income children, and the other at Cruz Roja, where Kelvin put his knowledge to optimize Tijuana's ambulance response times.


Cai Yeo

Head of the UCSD ASME Mars Rover club, Cai provides a mountain of expertise in building and programming the rover. As a member of the Software team Cai is free to pursue his passion for machine learning and robotic autonomy.  Additional tidbits of info on Cai: He loves nature, he hikes frequently and adventurously, he loves cheese. Learn more at his website here.


Business and PR

Business and PR

Business and PR

Business and PR


Come Together 

Everything to do with logistics, finance, and culture, the business team thrives off teamwork.



Kirk is a fourth year History major who is not only one of the founders of Yonder Dynamics but also the CEO of Worldcare Technologies, a student organization-turned-startup working to develop and implement low-cost HIV viral load testing systems. His hobbies include changing the course of humanity and reading books.


Isabelle Yan

Isabelle Yan is a second year Communication major. As the Communications Lead, she directs the social media/PR and outreach aspects of Business team. When she's not being inspired by other members or creating promotional content for Yonder, she likes petting all the cats she can find and laughing at her bad puns.

Christian CONAWAY

Second year business aficionado Christian has over four years of business management and consultation experience despite his young age. You can often catch him investing his assets, studying philosophy, or walking his pet corgi. 
Christian's Blog and Linkedin


Tien (LAINI) Nguyen

A freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Costa Mesa, California studying design. She works primarily in watercolors, paper cutouts, and digital media. Her current non-Yonder projects include a cut-paper tarot deck and a wordless novel. Catch her spending too much time at Starbucks.
More of Tien's Work

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Victoria is a third-year psychology student and the official photographer for Yonder Dynamics. When not throwing herself into precarious spots to get the perfect shot, she works as an actor, dancer, musician, and novelist. She has a cat named Dante Alighieri, but has a fondness for animals of every kind.