Let's Make It Move

Drive systems, chassis, and mechanical parts are all part of the motion team's day to day.  


Kyle Gillespie

Kyle T. Gillespie, Motions Lead (at least until some bloody coup deposes him from power) aspires to be an inventor developing cool things that do  cool things. He also aspires to get 8 hours of sleep regularly (and to not have anymore homework dreams where he falls asleep after doing homework all night and then spending two hours of sleep doing more homework in his dreams). He adores the majestic and noble llama, is a Slytherin, and CAD's for fun. Kyle also runs regularly and one day hopes to be able to run fast enough to keep ahead of his schoolwork.


Megan Elliott

Megan Elliott, Lead to both Chassis team and the raman spectrometer lead, is a 3rd year mechanical engineering major with a minor in language studies concentrated in American Sign Language. She hopes to work in either robotics or sustainable energy solutions in order to develop a long term sustainable plan for the planet. As an Arizona native Megan is still adjusting to the coastal humidity of California. She is also very confused at the concept of Daylight Savings Time.


Aliya Kassam

Aliya aspires to be a mechanical engineer  working in Research and development and prototyping. Currently she is a motions team member assisting in the development of the many systems. She's lived on four continents and is fluent in french as it was her first language. Check out more of her work here.


Raul Huang Liu

A senior Environmental Engineer at UCSD looking to make this last year memorable. Raul is happiest when building something and moving rather than sitting around clicking at a computer. In his opinions if all jobs paid the same, he would spend the rest of his life working at a commercial aircraft factory as a field technician, helping assemble the airplanes and carrying whatever needed to be carried. In his free time he likes to scout for places with good tacos and horchata, and watching planes land, no one has called him out on spending more than the allowed 30 minutes in the parking lot so he has no reason to find a new hobby yet.


John Tayag

John will one day help develop efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to meet the world’s growing demand for energy. He hopes to engineer unique solutions to problems that plague low-income areas to ensure high standards of life at low costs. Alongside this John has studied combustion engines and hybrid vehicles in Sweden and is a self-proclaimed burrito wrapping master.


Euan Tan

Third year Mechanical Engineering major, Euan is our modular arm lead. He currently works on refining the systems within the arm and also participates in the drill portion of the Instruments team. On his off time, Euan shreds trails on his mountain bike (which he has built 7 of) and flies his quadcopter everywhere. 


Sam Choppala

Sam Choppala is a first year Mechanical Engineering major working on assembling the main chassis and the various body parts of the rover. Sam enjoys working on the cutting edge with interests in nanotechnology alongside aerospace engineering. He has also researched porosity on aircrafts in Izmir, Turkey, rounding out Sam to be an excellent engineer. In the future he aspires to be an astronaut and is hoping his personal research in interstellar travel will provide him the opportunity to step on many, many, other planets.









Owning A Slice of the Universe

All forms of analysis on a little piece of something un-earthly.


Hannah Munguia

Hannah Munguia, a third year Environmental Engineer and Instruments team lead,  first fell in love with scientific instrumentation during her internship working on the x-ray spectrometer on the Mars 2020 Rover at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Additionally she was a team lead in UCSD SEDS's Vulcan-1 Rocket project who’s success made UCSD SEDS the first student organization in the world to launch a rocket powered by a 3-D printed engine. At Yonder Dynamics she hopes to develop an environment where non-aerospace engineers can work on space-related technology early in their careers, but on her off time she's pondering life's big science questions and helping young women enter the field of STEM.  


Allison Kubo

Allison Kubo is a 3rd year Earth Science major who really loves rocks. Her passion for the earth has led her to work at the American Museum of Natural History (10 feet away from the dinosaur exhibit), and the Scripps Isotope Geochemistry Lab. Now at Yonder Dynamics Allison works as the Chief Science Officer and member of the Instruments team where she leads the Geophysics instrument team. In addition to Earth Science, she is working on a literature minor, enjoys reading Science fiction and fantasy, and really feels like she is living a real life Science fiction novel. 

Chloe Munguia-Flores

Instrument team member focused on geophysical instruments and the Raman spectrometer. As a guide for Outback Adventures and ambassador for Environmental Justice Affairs, Chloe leads group wilderness treks and promotes sustainability for the environment. She one day hopes to use her knowledge of physics and science to make innovations in the field of environmental engineering and to positively impact the globe. 


Janessa Duque

A member of the Geophysics team, Janessa aspires to be engineer at the Qualcomm institute. She loves roman history and learning foreign languages (currently Japanese and French), collects stationary, and is currently awaiting the third season of Rick & Morty.


Andy Pabst

An Electrical Engineering Major, Andy hopes to explore the possibilities of machine learning. A low key adrenaline junkie (skydiving, snowboarding and being a badass at all times), Andy REALLY wants to work for NASA, because in her own words, "Space is really freaking cool." 


Cindy Ayala

Cindy Ayala is currently one of the engineers devoting her time to the perfect drill system for an autonomous rover. She has two dogs - a pitbull and a chow chow - which she spends most of her time with when not at hard at work. Alongside this Cindy is an avid researcher in the migration of white blood cells, where she aims to improve medical technology and understanding in the field.


Vanessa Tran

A first year student at UCSD, Vanessa is an aspiring bioengineer that dreams of doing research in astrobiology while taking photos of space on the ISS. While on Earth she enjoys brunch, figure skating, and reinventing classical music by incorporating jazz elements, and wants to play weddings (terrestrially of course).


Jimena Garcia-Prieto

Thirteen year old Jimena Garcia-Prieto, our instruments team intern, is one of the greatest visionaries on the Yonder team. Starting at a young age in the field of engineering, Jimena hopes to one day work for NASA exploring how humans and technology evolves over time. In her own words, "If I were to meet Bill Gates, I would tell him I worked here." After classes Jimena enjoys listening to the soundtrack from Hamilton, reading fiction novels, and pondering ways to impress us even further. 


Power Systems

Power Systems and Electrical Components

Power Systems

Power Systems and Electrical Components


Bring the Power

Tasked with many of the electrical components Yonder needs, these members are avid engineers.


Chris liu

Team Lead Chris Liu aspires to be an engineer that positively impacts the livelihoods of others through contributions in autonomous robotics and low cost medical devices. But when he isn't focused on helping humanity he plans his own brewery that exclusively serves stouts, ciders, and sours.


Jeffrey Herbert

A fourth year, electrical engineering major Jeffrey Herbert is an avid student and teacher. After seeing the launch of the Mars Science Lab rover in 2011 he knew in the future he wanted to advance the exploration of space by working on autonomous systems. At Yonder, he began by working on the motor electronics and now is helping develop a conductivity sensor for the instruments and on an IEEE quadcopter project. On his free time Jeffrey enjoys snowboarding and mountain biking.


Geoffrey AlveS

An aspiring engineer, Geoffrey hopes to  work in sustainability or renewable energy. Bringing about an era of carbon free energy or something like that. Other than that he plans to partner with Chris Liu to open a brewery specializing in stouts, ciders, and sours (Chris's approval still pending).


Ryan Lin

A member of the electrical team, Ryan handles the long distance communication between the ground and the rover. He aspires to work on the monumental projects that will shape our world, believing that in completing an impossible goal others will be inspired to strive after their own impossible goals. If you happen to roll a 20 on a charisma check with Ryan, he may tell you about his love of dungeons and dragons.


Si Wu

First year biochemistry student Si Wu, joined Yonder with a hope to broaden her engineering horizons and impact the world in a positive manner. Si believes that through the improved education of our younger generations, compassionate and intelligent generations will mature to better innovate our society and the societies to come. Alongside her dream for a better tomorrow, Si is an accomplished singer who loves practical things, sunshine, and good quality jeans. 



Software and Sensors

Software and Sensors

Software and Sensors

Software and Sensors


Breathing Life into Metal

The brain of the rover, in charge of automation of the rovers many functions.


Alex Smith

Head of the software team, Alex Smith Specializes in machine learning and computer vision. As an avid science fiction enthusiast, co-founder of Yonder, and martial arts instructor, Alex’s greatest assets are his imagination, heart, and ability to inspire (plus his double backflip).


Kelvin Sarabia

Software and Sensors team member Kelvin is currently a Computer Science major at UCSD. Kelvin loves to utilize his software engineering expertise for positive causes to impact the globe and has worked under two humanitarian engineering projects so far. The first  under Shiley Eye Institute, where he helped develop a screening device for low income children, and the other at Cruz Roja, where Kelvin put his knowledge to optimize Tijuana's ambulance response times.


Cai Yeo

Head of the UCSD ASME Mars Rover club, Cai provides a mountain of expertise in building and programming the rover. As a member of the Software team Cai is free to pursue his passion for machine learning and robotic autonomy.  Additional tidbits of info on Cai: He loves nature, he hikes frequently and adventurously, he loves cheese. Learn more at his website here.


Business and PR

Business and PR

Business and PR

Business and PR


Come Together 

Definitely the people who love interacting with other people. Everything to do with logistics, finance, and culture, the business team thrives off teamwork.


Kirk Hutchison

One of the founders of Yonder Dynamics Kirk is an incredible asset to the development of every team. An aspiring Elon Musk, Kirk aims to be at the cutting edge of Business and Space. His hobbies include changing the course of humanity and reading books.


Thalansh Batra

Business team member, Thalansh (aka. The Launch) began at Yonder November of 2016. His passion for business and business management is prevalent in everything he does. His hobbies include video production and playing squash. 

Christian CONAWAY

First year business aficionado, Christian has over 4 years of business management and consultation experience despite his young age. You can often catch him investing his assets, studying philosophy, or walking his pet corgi. 
Christian's Blog and Linkedin


Isabelle Yan

Isabelle Yan is the PR Manager of Yonder Dynamics. When she's not creating promotional content for Yonder, she enjoys singing and laughing at her own terrible puns. As a plus Isabelle loves furry companions of the cat variety.


Tien Nguyen

A freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Costa Mesa, California studying design. She works primarily in watercolors, paper cutouts, and digital media. Her current non-Yonder projects include a cut-paper tarot deck and a wordless novel. Catch her spending too much time at Starbucks.
More of Tien's Work



A Full Stack Web Developer and Computer Science student from both Seoul, South Korea and San Diego California. His skill set ranges from Front-end development and interactive websites,  Full scale GUI's and mobile apps, to low level Architecture. He's usually caught singing no matter where he is. Examples of his work can be seen at djkimadams.me