Help Us Succeed!

Yonder Dynamics is the first ever team from UC San Diego to attend the University Rover Challenge. We are currently seeking sponsors to support construction of our Courage rover, which will have the highest degree of autonomy in the competition's history. Without any human control, it will navigate over all terrain types, identify and retrieve anomalous objects, and collect soil samples. 

Supporting Yonder Dynamics means supporting the next generation of scientists and engineers with a passion for space exploration - not to mention the recognition and other benefits we provide to our sponsors. 

Yonder Dynamics believes that engineering and space sciences are for everyone. As women make up only about 24% for the current STEM workforce, we believe it is crucial to encourage and foster young women interested in science and engineering. Our team is currently 40% women, and even more importantly, this diversity extends to our top officers.

The areas of technology we pursue will also be of great importance in the New Space Economy. Whether it is asteroid mining robots or autonomous rovers that assist astronauts, the work we are doing in autonomy and applied computer vision lays the foundation for future innovation and exploration. 

We strive to teach our members leadership, industry skills, and multidisciplinary teamwork to become the innovators of tomorrow. Your sponsorship will help us pay for access to prototyping facilities, materials, and travel expenses, all of which give our members the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a team setting. We believe that real learning is not confined to the classroom, and that getting your hands dirty is key to success as an engineer.

We hope you look forward to the future of space exploration as much as we do. It would be our honor to welcome you as a sponsor. If you have any questions or wish to learn about our team, feel free to contact us directly. Our Business Lead, Kirk Hutchison, can be reached at 



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