Owning A Slice of the Universe

All forms of analysis on pieces of the earth.

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Miheer Modi

Miheer has been with Yonder for the past year and has really enjoyed learning and developing as an individual. In his free time, he likes to binge watch medical dramas, cook, or his new found hobby - making modifications so his car (let's see how long that lasts). He also loves reading about cars, computers and looking at memes ;)

Luke piszkin

Luke Piszkin, director of science, is a 2nd-Year Astrophysics major with a strong interest in astrobiology. He is pursuing a career in astrobiological research and hopes to bring fresh ideas to this new field of study. Luke is torn between two maininterests, science and music, but also is interested in psychology, sociology, theology, literature, and politics. In his off time Luke can be seen writing/playing music and begging professors for internships.