Bring on the Power

Tasked with many of the electrical components Yonder needs, these members are avid engineers.

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Andy Pabst

Co-director of the Electrical team, When Andy isn’t building rovers and geeking out over anything space related, she’s off being an adrenaline junkie. Defying the laws of fear, common sense and lacking all regard for her personal safety, Andy enjoys climbing mountains and giving herself mild altitude sickness, sliding down said mountains with her feet strapped to a board, and throwing herself out of perfectly good airplanes. One day, she hopes to break gravity so she won’t break herself when she falls down.

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Kevin Hoi Man Lam

Exploring on the Software team last year, Kevin Lam is returning to his home turf of Mechanical Engineering on the Mechanics team. Having come from Hong Kong, Kevin is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. He is currently learning Japanese to understand anime without subtitles. Kevin builds Gundam models in his spare time, and is trying to figure out how to make one walk.

Yidong (Eden) Li

Yidong Li (Eden) is a third year student studying Computer Engineering. A member of the electrical team, he is interested in the functionalities of different electrical components and how they interact in a real system. In the future, he also want to learn more about machine learning and embedded system. In his free time, he likes to travel, bike, and explore San Diego by public transit (trains, buses, and the trolley!).