Let's Make It Move

Working on mechanical parts of the rover or incorporating composites are all part of the Motion team's day to day.  

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Lucas Jonasch, Motions Director, is a third year Environmental Engineering major and he’s also minoring in business. He wants to apply engineering principles to mitigate society’s pressing issues relating to healthcare or the environment. Lately, he’s been spending his spare time trying to teach himself a bit more software and electronics, and designed and built an autonomous vegetable garden outside his apartment that is controlled by a raspberry pi and is solar powered.

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Peerasait (Jeffrey) Prachaseree

Jeffrey, the Drivetrain Lead, is a third-year mechanical engineer. Born and raised in Thailand, he is fluent in Thai, English and Mandarin. One day, he hopes to work in the field of robotics and incorporate robotics into our daily lives. In his off time, he enjoys sleeping and eating spicy food.  

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Marco U. Colón

Marco is our Arm & Hand Co-Lead, who's also a 4th year mechanical engineering student. Robotics being his ultimate passion, he plans to continue studying that field during grad school. When he’s not building robots, he loves to try new, exotic foods and beer. To date the most exotic stuff he’s had is rattlesnake meat and coffee beer.

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Albert Hernandez

Albert Hernandez, our Science-cache lead, is a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering major with a minor in Mathematics. He aspires to make a career in robotics and invent cool stuff with what he learns. One day he hopes to make his own music and learn the art of classical guitar.

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Isabella Franco

Isabella is the Chassis lead, and a fourth year studying mechanical engineering. She grew up in Santa Barbara and enjoys going to the beach and hiking. In addition, she likes hands on projects, both simple and complicated, from building furniture to building robots.


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Cris Madla

Cris Madla is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering at UCSD. He has always been fascinated by space and advanced technologies growing up, and hopes to one day work in either automotive or aerospace industries. Currently, he is helping Yonder Dynamics by working with composite materials for our rover. If he is not engineering, he is probably doing some art, dance, content creation and other creative endeavors.