Breathing Life into Metal

The brain of the rover and some serious brains of the team.

IMG_2068 - Alexander Haggart.JPG

Alex haggart

Alex Smith Alex is a Software co-director and Computer Engineering major. Also getting a bio minor for some reason. Hobbies include skiing, sailing, and reading wiki pages. Loves road trips, camping, food, and movies. Always obsessed with something. Sleeps occasionally.

IMG_20180804_091137 - Alexander Mai.jpg

Alexander Mai

Software co-director, Vim config extraordinaire, expert blogger.

DSC_0270 - Aaron Lee.jpg

aaron Lee

Aaron is currently a sophomore at UCSD studying Computer Science. He aims for the BS/MS program at UCSD and to learn as much from Computer Science as possible. In his free time, he can be found watching anime or gaming. He is also an Eagle Scout and a mentor for his high school robotics team

IMG_5725 - Karen Chiem.jpg

Karen Chiem

Fourth year Cognitive Science major Karen is a member of software team working on interfacing and front-end for the rover. In her off time, you'll probably catch her fencing, doing her best impression of Socrates in "The Clouds", or attempting to translate birdsong with black magic code.