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Yonder Deep

Yonder Deep

         Yonder Deep is the third project to be undertaken by Yonder Dynamics since its inception in 2016. At Yonder Deep, every member will be a leader. You will inspire others, drive progress, and shoulder critical design decisions every week. Above all, you will take enormous steps toward your goals with the full support and guidance from everyone in our organization.

          Our goal this year is to build a durable prototype AUV and operate it up to a maximum depth of 50 meters. The prototype should utilize a passive gliding and diving motion and should be remotely controlled for active movement with brushless thrusters. The AUV will later require autonomous guidance systems, ULF communications, and photometry equipment. With the acquisition of several 3D printers, we will rapidly prototype AUV designs, perform practical structural analysis, and thoroughly document the entirety of our design process.

What We Need From You:

         Building something as complex and integrated as an AUV is no small task. From you we need passion and self-motivation to work towards team goals, the ability to accept failure and learn from the mistakes made, and the grit of a leader and team member.

           Yonder Deep will be time intensive with mandatory build days every Saturday, team meetings once a week, and individual design and prototyping time during the week. Time you commit will be worth it, with experts teaching you skills used within the industry and best practices throughout the design process. Members will also be placed in industry recruitment pools available to Yonder Dynamics. Most of all you will have a tangible project experience to discuss with recruiters and interviewers. Such experience is essential and invaluable to your path after undergraduate study.

Things to Know Before You Apply:

  • We are looking for semi-experienced 1st  through 3rd  years. A willingness to work and learn is much more valuable than competence within a certain technical skill.

  • Yonder Deep will be recruiting on a rolling basis until all positions are filled adequately.

  • Members already within Yonder Dynamics are ineligible to apply without express permission from their Project Manager.

  • All majors accepted and considered equally.

  • Yonder Deep is in search of Software, Mechanical, Electrical, and Structural engineers; Business gurus and Communications specialists; Marine Biologists and Oceanographers; Physicists and Submarine Enthusiasts.


Positions: Business

  • External Relations: Work within the community to build partnerships between Scripps and other oceanography institutes.

  • Internal Business: Work to develop lasting systems for program efficiency and documentation. Mitigate crises and make decisions for the benefit of the organization.

  • Graphics: Work to develop media for Yonder Deep and Yonder Dynamics.

  • Public Relations: Work with Yonder Dynamics General PR team to develop content for social media and public outreach.

Positions: Mechanical

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Specialty: Work with structural and mechanical design to develop AUV housings. Assist in pressure testing of AUV components.

  • Stress/Structural Specialty: Work with Ansys, CADs and, OpenFoam to test component resilience to high pressures.

  • Mechanical Assembly Specialty: Work to source component parts and in SolidWorks to develop assembly specifications for the AUV.

  • Mechanical Material Specialty: Work with PLA, ABS, and assorted metal assembly. Assist in component stress testing and design.

  • Mechanical Chemistry Specialty: Work within structural tests under high pressure and material interaction within systems.

Positions: Electrical

  • Battery/Power System Specialty: Work to develop onboard power budget and power system.

  • Circuits/PCB Specialty: Work with Altium, Eagle CAD to develop embedded electrical systems for the AUV. Source and wire Microcontrollers and Buses.

  • Communications/ULF Specialty: Work with long distance and ultra low frequency communications arrays to best command the AUV.

  • Motions and Motor Control Specialty: Work with brushless DC motors, PCB, and wire management within the AUV.

Positions: Software

  • Autonomous Guidance Specialty: Work to develop Autonomous guidance systems within the AUV utilizing Sonar and Point Cloud systems. Hands on experience with IMU’s, gyroscopes, and GIS software.    

  • Path-planning Specialty: Work within autonomous guidance to develop backend neural networks and onboard computing of data to plan AUV course.

  • Software Communications Specialty: Work with long range communications and onboard control of the AUV.

  • Motor Control Specialty: Work with onboard microcontrollers, Kalman filters, and 6 degrees of motion on the Rover.

  • Microcontroller Specialty: Work within ROS to develop offsite simulations, process and develop Arduino and Flash Processor scripts for onboard control.

Positions: Science

  • Oceanography Specialty: Work on current maps, general ecology, and general oceanic functions to best integrate AUV systems.

  • Marine Bio Specialty: Work to develop best practices for the organization within the local ecology and topography.

  • Ocean Chemistry Specialty: Work to conduct Ocean experiments and systems for science payloads on the Rover.    

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