Come Together 

Everything to do with logistics, finance, and culture, the business team thrives off teamwork.

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Amy Xie

Amy Xie, director of PR, is a third year International Business major. As a part of Yonder, she directs the social media/PR and outreach aspects. Amy is only truly fluent in English, but she can also speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and Korean (she's making an attempt to throw Japanese into the mix as well).

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Dave Lightfoot

Dave Lightfoot is our Director of Project Management & Finance. He is a fourth year Human Biology major with a Mechanical Engineering minor. Outside of Yonder, he has co-founded two start-ups, was an orientation leader for Sixth College the past two years, the Vice President of Finance of Engineers for a Sustainable World last year, and has been on the Triton Solar Car team since 2016. He loves to travel and has lived in South Dakota, Texas, California, Korea, Germany, and Alaska. In his spare time, he likes to play guitar, go to concerts, and camp in the woods/desert

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Madeline Leon

Maddy is a third year Communication major with a leaning interest in the sciences and passion for people. She loves reading, writing and learning about the different people she interacts with in this big beautiful world


Andrea Sudharta

Andrea is a second year Math-CS major and the webmaster of the Yonder Dynamics website. She also has an army of over ten tortoises back home in San Jose. Outside of Yonder she enjoys playing the piano and going to events around campus.